Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Creating Kylie Jenner's "Black lip" look

Creating Kylie Jenner's "Black lip" look

Style! What's the latest tends? What's hot off the runway? Replicating celebrity looks?
We all have asked ourselves these questions, and attempted a copy cat look.Here is your quick easy fix on a trendy yet glam look

Recently I have been attempting a black lipstick look - there's a big difference between rocking it the way Kylie Jenner has, and ending up looking like a member of a heavy metal band.
To create the look I used the following products:
  • Ralo BB cream medium to ensure that my face is matified
  • Ralo volume mascara
  • Ralo professional eyeliner pen - black
  • Ralo cosmetics blush - just peachy
  • Ralo cosmetics eye shadow no 07
  • Ralo cosmetics Lipstick 24c

The trick with a black lipstick is to keep your eyes clean, and make sure that the skin looks smooth and hydrated. The lipstick colour will make your eyes pop, so you may have to bulk up on the vitamins and if need be,  a drop or 2 or eye drops for clear sparkly white eyes.
Blemishes and uneven skin tone will be noticed as the lipstick is loud and screams attention.

And that's your style guide by the Paper Dolls